Business Decision Making FINAL

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Table of Contents
Task # 1.1:4
Data collection objective:5
Task 1.2:6
Survey methodologies:6
Sampling frame used:7
Task # 1.3:7
Task # 2.1 & 2.2:8
Data analysis:8
Task # 2.3:11
Measures of dispersion:11
Task # 2.4:12
Quartile, percentile and correlation coefficient calculation:12 Task # 3.1:14
Task # 3.2:16
Task # 3.3:17
Task # 3.4:18
Formal business report18
Task # 4.1:18
Information processing tools:18
Task # 4.2:20
Task # 4.3:22
Financial tools:22

Task # 1.1:
Dunkin' Donuts restaurant is one of the world’s largest companies in fast food industry, which deals in wide range of hot, iced and cold beverages, baked goods, sandwiches and soft drinks etc. it was founded in 1950 and now operating in more than 33 countries with good quality of food at affordable price. It gains customer loyalty just because of efficiency and effectiveness of management, good communication and quality of food. It has high turnover rate and comes in list of top five restaurants globally.

Research defined as that approach which attempted to solve the specific problem or to make sure validity of elucidation. Research process is that process which shows the steps necessary required to make research; shown through following diagram:

Define research problem / Questionnaire:
In this step first of all we write the purpose of research. Is it made to know more about the market or product or to find the solution of a question? All those problems, complications and Questionnaire about which we want to know more are defined in a proper and professional manner.

Research proposal:
Research proposal describes what managers expect if they will made research on specific issue. It indicates the satisfaction level, motivation, performance quality, and development of business. Research design:

Research design is that step in which plan is made by using techniques to start work on research. There are two broad ways of forming research design: Experimental: (in which researcher has control and can modify independent variable) Non-experimental (in which researcher does not have control and can’t modify independent variable)

Data collection objective:
Accumulation of different facts & figures is called data collection. Data collection is made with a view to collect information or to make important business decisions. With a growing total sales and demand for Dunkin' Donuts restaurant, it observed by managers and directors that we should make a chain of our restaurant in order to meet the requirement by customers and growing demand of company. To access the market need to target more customers and to enlarge the existing business. There are two types of collected data: Grouped data: (arranged data in a organized mode)

Ungrouped data: (unarranged data in unorganized mode)

For this purpose, a research is made and data is collected through primary and secondary both sources. Primary data
Secondary data
Primary data:
That data which is collected for the first time by using statistical techniques or methodologies is called primary data. It is also called original data. Personal interviews, market surveys, straight observations and focusing groups etc are tools used for collection of primary data. Secondary data:

That data which is collected from those ways, collected by someone already. We can also said it un-pure data or undergo data. mobile phones, e - mails, post cards and news papers are tools used for collection of secondary data. Task 1.2:

Survey is called the process of selection of people from public to know about the majority of view or decision making sense before doing something or taking action. Before conducting survey, we must keep in view the taste, preference, trend and size of population to get better result.

Survey methodologies:
There are two broad categories and ways of conducting...
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