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Business assignment brief:

Course: BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma

Unit 33: The Impact of Communications Technology on Business

At the time of writing, the UK is Europe’s second largest e-commerce economy, with two-thirds of consumers having shopped online. The power of the internet continues to grow with 29 million UK adults having used it in the three month period up to February 2006. It is predicted, that by 2012 £1 in every £5 of all new commerce in the UK will be online. All usage measures of internet and related technology continue to rise with seemingly relentless growth in access to the internet and uses such as music downloads, social networking sites and instant messaging.

As a result, knowledge of how the internet is organised and how servers and internet service providers link together and conform to protocols is important to business. Business also needs to consider the trends in the use of the internet and the worldwide web (www), and current key developments.

Local governments are keen to give businesses in their area the best possible chance. To help assist with this project they have asked you to put together a range of resources to assist businesses with using the Internet in the most effective way possible. This will involve presentations that you can deliver and also various information sheets that businesses can continually refer to.

Task 1

The first resource that you will provide for new entrepreneurs is a presentation that they can follow describing how the Internet works.

You should include:

The basic architecture of the Internet
The role of ISPs
The role of domain names
Different types of connection
www and the different protocols
An explanation of W3C and the Internet society

The resource should include well presented and easy to read slides with notes that have further information for pupils.

This task addresses P1
The deadline for this task is Friday 6th January

Task 2

The next piece of advice you will offer is for businesses interested in creating fully transactional websites. This information will be much more specific to how the web can help their business.

This will require a second presentation that does the following:

How the Internet can be used for different types of business activity in two contrasting businesses A demonstration of how to solve problems in Internet use for four different types of business activity.

The second part of this task requires you to demonstrate awareness and knowledge by creating clear instructions (possibly using screen shots) on how to overcome certain important problems in Internet use.

This task addresses P2 and M1
The deadline for this task is Friday 20th January

Task 3

It is important that the businesses are also aware of external companies that can provide a service.

1. Visit and select United Kingdom as your preferred country. Survey the site and draft a short word document for the business on the kind of data this service can bring. 2. Next, carry out research using a search engine such as Google. Discover a full range of prices and product comparisons for laser printers available for business use. This information will show how simple (but careful) searches can be used to gain product information.

This should take the form of a word document with print screens provided to support your points.

This task addresses P3
The deadline for this task is

Task 4

While using the internet safety is of course a major concern for both individuals and businesses. These concerns need to be given proper attention in order for local businesses not to be damaged.

Prepare a presentation that describes (using examples) the kinds of actions that organisations can take to reduce security risks of operating online.

The presentation should cover a variety of steps including the use of software such as firewall protection; anti spyware...
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