BUS610 Week 4 Discussion 2

Topics: Morality, Leadership, Ethics Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: December 22, 2014
A Culture of Ethics
My take on Steve Jobs as ethical or not is unclear. After reading Austen’s (2012) article about his personality, leadership style, and overall behavior, coupled with my personal experiences with the technology he helped devise, I am torn. Ethical leadership should “involve sensitivity to ethical and moral issues” (Baack, 2012), but in the case of Jobs ethics took a backseat to expectations, at any cost. Jobs would berate staff, use intimidation to get his point across, and fire those that weren’t performing to his standards, all of which lend to his unscrupulous nature, though conversely he was admired and esteemed by many of the same people he treated poorly. This raises the question: if Jobs was a “more ethical” would he and his staff have developed the same technology at the same rate with the same innovation? Based on my personality type and work conduct I know that if I worked for Jobs I would consider him unethical, but as an outsider I am on the fence. Some people can and will overlook certain injustices and immoral behavior simply for the opportunity to work for a certain company or under a particular person’s charge, that doesn’t make them less-than people with other standards, I just believe that everyone is able to use their free will to do what they want and that goes for leaders and their followers. I am both an acolyte and a rejector. As an acolyte in my fitness small business I have become a businesswoman that has adopted the sentiments of “Steve Jobs as license to become more aggressive as visionaries, as competitors, and above all as bosses” (Austen, 2012). I understand that in order to forge my way in my industry that I need to set myself apart from competition and reach for new avenues and business collaborations to become more recognized and rewarded. Conversely, I have not adopted the notion that good leadership means being unsentimental or that the entire world must bend to adjust and accept my business vision. Being a...
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