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One advantage of e-learning is that it can bring together audio and video clips, text and images, and interaction with the user. How many of those elements are present in the demonstration you watched? I was able to see all of the elements present in the inspired eLearning site. The free demo that I watched about phishing provided video clips, text, and audio, it was actually quite simple and easy to follow. I also went into some of the company training sites at AT&T, and although all of the elements were found in all of the sites, I found it to be a bit frustrating. I’ve always found it to be frustrating. AT&T uses multiple sites for training such as Harvard Manage Mentor (HMM), AT&T TU University, and Learning Solutions. All of the sites are good sites with plenty of information and learning services are provided to employees who are looking to advance or to become more knowledgeable in their field. AT&T has also begun using tablets and videos in their instructor led training classes to make it more interactive for the learners. In my opinion, it is great that we have an abundance of resources available to us, but it would be nice if it were all in one place. Was the demonstration easy to understand and use? What would have made it easier to use? In my opinion, the Inspired eLearning site was easy to understand and use. The Harvard site was the easiest to navigate of the multiple AT&T options, but it also had the least amount of training courses. The more that is added the more cluttered the feel. See the snapshot of the AT&T TU University home page below (being that it is internal, I could not link it). I also added a snapshot of what the internal version of HMM looks like for a comparison. Was the demonstration interesting? What would have made it more interesting? To compare the two sites, the Inspired eLearning site was somewhat vague with setting the expectations of the courses, whereas the Harvard demo was very straightforward and to the point. In my...

References: http://hbr.org/harvardmanagementor
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