Topics: Morality, Human, Religion Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: April 28, 2013
mary smith
Article Review

"Presuppositions to Moral Judgments on Human Genetic Manipulation"

The article by James Walter, "Presuppositions to Moral Judgments on Human Genetic Manipulation" had a few valid points. In this article his purpose was to "demonstrate that any informed moral judgement about the genetic manipulation of the human genome is always shaped within a context. The two contexts he debates about are theological and anthropological presuppositions. The theological presupposition is concerned with who God is, divine providence, and how God acts in the world and in history. The anthropological presuppositions are based off of how we view ourselves in the image of God, various models of material life, and what we believe is normatively human. 

In Walter's approach of justifying the theological presupposition he gives good examples. God is the creator of the material universe and humanity and our destinies are created through what He provides for us. Since he created us, he obtains specific rights over us. During human genetic manipulation people are taking into their hands some of God's rights. It is stated that God has the right to determine the future and biological laws, we as God's creation shouldn't manipulate what He has and/or will create; this is acting in a sinful manner. Human arrogance is the act of believing and acting as if we are better and all knowing than anything else, when in reality it is ignorance because we aren't aware that God is all knowing and has the power that some desire. The other argument is that God created the universe but hasn't placed fixed laws in the creation. Walter says that God created us (part of history) and the future is so opened to different possibilities that we are able to shape and change the future making humans their own creator in a sense. If we are our own creators, God works in the background, influencing us in the "depths of our freedom" in hopes that the human race does...
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