Border Crossing Essay

Topics: Suicide, Thought, Child abuse Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: September 14, 2013
how do we affect people? can we as a society shape a person ? these are the types of questions that ran through my mind as i read Pat barkers novel Border Crossing.The character Danny Miller age 23 shows how the idea ‘society creates a person’ as we see the crippling effects society has had on his life.Danny shows this as we see the effects of being abused,locked up in prison and..................................................................... has molded him into the person he now is.

Danny miller Was 10 years old when he committed the crime of murdering an elderly woman.He was sentenced to 10 years in jail, he spent 7 years in a juvenile prison and then at the age of 18 he was sent to an adult prison where he was sexually abused and harrased.In the novel an example of when we first have a look in on how society shaped Danny Miller is when he opens up to Tom about his father abusing him.This is a common connection made with child murderers,that children who have been abused and had troublesome upbringings often go on to live a life of crime.Dannys father in the novel was quite absent in Dannys life as a young boy due to being in the army but when he returned he became abusive.At first he does not think his beatings were counted as being abused but to anyone in the right state of mind being hit and kicked left with bruises counts very much as being abused.When Dannys father left him again he turned to blame his mother, even after everything his father had done to him beating him and making him ring chickens necks he still wanted to have a father to look up too.This was the first stage of when we started to see the idea of how society shapes a person.

At age 10 Danny Miller was put on trial as an adult.Up until this point in his life Danny was abused and as far as i was concerned reading this novel he couldn't tell what was right and wrong.Societies first instinct of anyone who intentionally kills a person is to lock them up so they can get...
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