blue bouquet

Topics: Experience, Knowledge, Octavio Paz Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: September 20, 2013
The Blue Bouquet
Have you even been in a situation when you have gone from total innocence to experience in a short period of time? In the short story “The Blue Bouquet” written by Octavio Paz, the main character starts off by waking up from a nap and going on a walk even after being warned not to by the owner of the boardinghouse. Whilst out the protagonist gets stopped in the middle of the night by another man with a knife who wanted something very unusual. It wasn’t money or jewelry; it was the man’s eyes. The stranger said his girlfriend wanted a bouquet of blue eyes for herself, but the innocent man didn’t have blue eyes, which the stranger soon found out and let the man go. After that night, the protagonist left the very next morning. This story illustrates how fast things can change and how you can go from very innocent to experienced in as little as an hour. Octavio Paz’s short story demonstrates that experiences are so important because we gain knowledge and learn from them, resulting in better judgment for similar situations in the future.

Experiences are things that we come across and that changes us from the person we once were. It could be good or bad, we have no control over it. In this story the man goes from being safe in his town to being horrified by what he has experienced. At the start of the story that he feels safe: “I went to the little window and inhaled the country air” page 163. He also shows his innocence on page 163, “A gray winged butterfly, dazzled, circled the yellow light. The butterfly symbolises the innocence he once had, before everything happened. But when he left, the lack of experience appeared again. The boardinghouse owner had only one eye and told the man not to venture out in the darkness. Without really paying attention he plunged into the dark anyway. This detail of information by the author foreshadows the things that could happen to the protagonist later on in the story. But it’s not only how you experience...
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