Bless Me Ultima Essay

Topics: Knowledge, Life, World Pages: 1 (227 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Luis Ponce
Mr. Ostrovsky
English II B1
September 25, 2014
Bless Me, Ultima Essay
In the book, Bless Me, Ultima Antonio starts to aquire new knowledge as he grows older from his past experiences as a boy and as a result, he learns about life and the world. Antonio then sees Lupito begging his life in front of him, “He fell forward then clawed and crawled out of the holy water of the river onto the bank in front of me, I wanted to reach out and help him, but I was frozen by my fear.” (Page 22). This shows that Antonio has lost his innocence through the death of a person, who was once good. This also shows that a boy has realized that people who were once good can also change to people who are bad and face consequences for their wrongdoing. Antonio realized that, “[He] yearned for knowledge and understanding and yet [he] wondered if it would make [him] lose [his] dreams.” (Page 74). This shows that Antonio wonders as he gets older, his own opinions on life may change into something different. This also shows that as people get older, their perspective on life may change through their past experiences or the new knowledge of it. In conclusion, “Bless Me, Ultima” represents a coming of age through Antonio’s experiences and knowledge of life and the world.
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