"Black Boy"'s Reasoning for Book Split in Half

Topics: Communist state, Communism, Southern United States Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Many books are split into several sections for multiple reasons. One reason could be to see a story in a different point of view, or even to define the story in another language. In the autobiography, Black Boy, by Richard Wright, the book is separated into two different sections in order to contain a splitting point between Richard’s childhood life in the south and his road to determination of being a writer one day. The first section is titled, “Southern Night”, to be able to label his childhood of living in the South during the Jim Crow laws. The second and final portion of the book is titled “The Horror and the Glory” because he is ousted from the Communist Party that grew appealing to Richard from the beginning, but witnesses the glory of becoming an artist himself.

To begin, the first half of the book, “Southern Night”, Richards constantly endures a life as a young and curious, yet hungry, and helpless child going through the Jim Crow South. In the 3rd chapter of the autobiography, Richard’s mother suffers a second stroke. His mother’s pain reminds him of the events in his life so far and sets an emotional tone as he quotes, “My mother’s suffering grew into a symbol in my mind, gathering to itself all the poverty, the ignorance, the helplessness; the painful, baffling, hunger-ridden days and hours; the restless moving, the futile seeking, the uncertainty, the fear, the dread; the meaningless pain and the endless suffering.  Her life set the emotional tone of my life, colored the men and women I was to meet in the future, conditioned my relation to events that had not yet happened, determined my attitude to situations and circumstances I had yet to face.”  Every ounce of Wright’s 19 years of pain of suffering from racial-based neglect and hunger is what caused Richard to title the first part of the book, “Southern Night”.

Next, Richard labels the second half of the book, “The Horror and the Glory”. Richard is ridiculed by white communists during the May...
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