Bit Stream Case

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הפקולטה לניהול – אוניברסיטת תל-אביב בית הספר למוסמכים במנהל עסקים ע"ש ליאון רקנאטי

מסלול MBA עם התמחות בניהול טכנולוגיה, יזמות וחדשנות

ניהול המשאב האנושי
סמסטר קיץ תשע"ג

BitStream Case

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Question 1
When recruiting employees there are two main alternative recruitment sources: internal vs. external labor markets. Each of the sources has its own advantages and disadvantages comparing to the other. The main advantages of hiring from an internal source are:

* The candidate has probably a good understanding of the company, its structure, its products, its strategy, its processes Etc. That means that the candidate will be much quicker to integrate into the company and start giving real value. * Send the right signal inside the company about opportunities to get ahead and the company’s values. * The chances of making serious mistakes in promoting internal employees are much lower as their capabilities (both positive and negative) are usually well known to the promoter and he can take them into consideration. On the other hand, there are many benefits in hiring from the external labor market: * Widening the net of your search also to external candidates will most probably mean that you have higher chances to find a better candidate. You might find a candidate that has much more relevant capabilities and experience from those you can find internally. * People from outside the company with “new blood” might bring new energy and perspective to the organization. This can be exciting and add motivation also to current employees. * “New eyes” of a new executive coming from the outside can help in rethinking the company’s goals, processes, strategy and procedures. In addition to the immediate options of “insiders vs. outsiders” options also two additional sources should be considered. The first one is “inside-outsiders”, which are internal candidates who are coming from some distinct department in the company...
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