Biology 2013 Spring Semester Project

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Global warming Pages: 8 (1189 words) Published: January 20, 2015
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Article Question and Essay Packet
a. What is causing the sea of debris?

b. How much debris is produced every day from the Los Angeles area alone?

c. What percent of the world’s oceans are covered with debris?

d. What is the impact of this debris on wildlife? On habitat?

e. What can be done about it?

Vocabulary: Monofilament line
Google: Impact of plastic waste on the environment.

a. What is this article about?
The article is about helping animals in Florida. For example the people who work at the Center in St. Petersburg, Florida are trying to protect panthers and manatees from habitat degradation and death by vehicle. They are also petitioned wildlife management agencies to protect 400 species of fish in freshwater in the Southeast. b. Where is their area of concern?

c. List organisms being impacted.
Humans, panthers, Elkhorn, stag horn coral, manatees, crayfishes, western chicken turtles, and salamanders. d. What is causing the problem?
The thing that is causing the problem is humans. Humans who run over panthers or leave fishing gear in the water that will eventually kill a harmless animal is what is the problem. Also buying houses or overpopulating forcing animals to leave their natural habitat. e. What can be done?

You can care about animals and not just go plowing them down when you see them. Vocabulary: Amidst: Amidst is being in the midst or middle of. Oil dispersants: Oil dispersants are chemicals that break up oil. Imperiled: Imp


a. Address 3 areas of evidence of climate change and their impacts on wildlife and the environment.
The heat rising in OKC up to 113, St. Louis was 108, and 110 in Wichita Falls is one evidence of climate change. What this climate change did was kill some humans and killed a lot of animals. One example on how animals died was in Illinois, the rivers would heat up so high that the fish would die off. Another area of evidence that shows global warming is the ice in the arctic melting and a lot of animals live up there. That is impacting polar bears because now when they go looking for food in the ocean, they have to swim a lot farther than they used to because the ice is melting. b. How does extreme heat impact humans?

The humans start to die off and then they start to realize that global warming is happening and it’s not a lie. But mostly people act as if it is not real and don’t really care if nothing is happening in their area where they live. But for the people that global warming is effecting them are sending letters to people to try to reduce greenhouse gases, and them polluting the air causing global warming. c. How are humans reacting to climate change? Give statistics and specifics. Cities like L.A and Chicago have joined the Center of Biological Diversity’s Clean Air Cities campaign telling Pres. Obama to take urgent action on climate change. The Clean Air Cities have tried to get a law passed that reduces the atmospheric carbon to 350 parts per million. But so far all of the courts have upheld this idea of reducing greenhouse gasses. All humans can really do is ride bikes instead of driving and hope that one day the court will pass very strict laws on greenhouse gasses. They are also buying hybrid cars to help reduce the smog in the air. Or they just join groups to go against these big greenhouse business. d. What...
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