Benefits of School Field Trips

Topics: Knowledge, A Great Way to Care, Learning Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: November 8, 2010
School trips come in all forms and sizes. From half-day drives to the local park to a camping trip out of the city, field trips present a way for teachers to approach knowledge in a completely new way and for kids to have fun while learning. Field trips give children a chance to experience hands-on learning while also being introduced to new environments. Learning in New Environments

1. The boredom of the classroom may lead some kids to lose interest in a particular subject. This is especially true of difficult subjects, but it can happen with pretty much anything. Also, new environments can provide challenges that allow for more individual learning, while classroom teaching is often generalized and many times targeted to the slowest learners in the group. During field trips, kids have a chance to go the extra step and take on as much information as they want and can. Having Fun

2. Field trips are a great way to break out of a rut, end a boring subject or bring life into something that seems particularly difficult. It also gives kids a chance to get to know each other and interact in a more relaxed environment, without the pressure of grades or the constraints of classrooms and grades. Putting Knowledge Into Practice

3. Field trips are a great way to cement difficult information. Historical facts, biology knowledge or even physics and chemistry can be experienced first-hand during a field trip. For example, a biology field trip could take kids on a hunt for bugs or certain types of flowers, while a history teacher can bring kids to a hands-on exhibit or a special workshop held at a local museum. For this to be more effective, kids should have a list of hands-on tasks before they leave for the trip. This could include anything from maps to exercises to a list of things to collect or do during the actual day. Letting Kids Learn by Doing

4. Experts believe there are different methods of learning, including visual, auditory and tactile. Students...
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