Belonging Practise Essay Madagascar and Despicable Me 19/20

Topics: Understanding, Knowledge, Perception Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Despicable Me and Madagascar Comparative Essay

To acquire a sense of belonging within our modern paradigm, one must be able to identify themselves in their surrounding environment that will habitually strengthen the relationships with the people in our society. Through Pierre Coffin’s film Despicable Me and the film Madagascar by Eric Darnell, and Tom McGrath we as the contemporary audience learn and realise the importance of acceptance which consolidate our relationships, experiences with our friends and family, and most importantly our selves. Understanding nourishes belonging, while a lack of understanding prevents it.

Deep and meaningful relationships allow us to integrate into society, and develop a positive outlook on most aspects of our lives. During the first scene of the film, it is very evident that Gru does indeed possess a very negative mind-set, on all things in his life. This is illustrated to us through his demeaning body language and his agitated tone towards others, “Go away. I’m not home”. Further into the movie, we see Gru’s relationship with the little children cultivate into a loving and caring relationship, as Gru opens up to the children and saves them from the notorious villain named Vector. Furthermore, the relationship between Alex and Marty is a love-hate one. They are always quarrelling over the smallest of issues, but always hold together a true and meaningful relationship. When the protagonists first arrive on the island, they are hateful towards each other and blame each other for one another’s dismay. As the film progresses on, and the relationships kept strong, they are able to over come these adversaries and develop a positive perspective of the island. The tone and body language of the characters when they are enjoying the facilities they have constructed, illustrate to us that relationships will develop into understandings of a person’s true nature.

Human beings yearn to be accepted in this contemporary society, it is...
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