Being a Good Teacher

Topics: Knowledge, Understanding, Perception Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Tyler Gibson
EN 099-410
October 10th , 2012
Three Qualities of a Good Teacher
Three Best Qualities of a Teacher
The word teacher contains the word teach, but the role of the teacher to teach can be an oversimplication. An effective teacher is a teacher who understand why he or she is there, that is exactly what Ms. Hale done. She was one of those teacher who understood her children and always listened and helped them in anyway she possibly could. Ms. Hale knows exactly what the purpose of the lesson is and teaches it to that objective (even if it's done in a sneaky way so the students thinks its fun.) There is directness, a sense of purpose, of course with a sense of humor and you will learn the three main points of what makes Ms. Hale a wonderful teacher, which is, her dedication to the school and students, she is understandable, and how she is patient.

First point of view is her dedication. Ms. Hale was definately dedicated, and loved her job. She will go out of her own way to make her daily classes benefit the students the most, as well as being the most interesting. Ms. Hale always said '' True value of a teacher is not valued by what he/she knows, nor by their ability of what they know, but by the ability to stimulate in other to desire a student.'' Dedication means devoted to a particular purpose. Ms. Hale went all out of her way to help students in any way she could. If they needed help after school, she would always help them.

Secondly, Ms. Hale always understood. She always said '' the teacher ''MUST'' understand the students before they judge them in any way.'' '' They're really going to get themselves into trouble if they flip at kids before they understand the full situation or background of the problem.'' I loved her quotes they were such an inspiring part of my life and helped me decide to become a teacher. Ms. Hale always knew how and what to do with students She always joked around, everyone loves a teacher that has a sense of humor and...
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