Behavioral Paper

Topics: Knowledge, Tantrum, Family Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Behavioral Paper
I have a son who will be turning two in March and he is already having temper tantrums. Now, I would like to stop it in its path before it gets worst. When he doesn’t get his way or gets in trouble; he always has a tantrum. The temper tantrums include hitting, kicking, screaming, and end up on the ground crying. I try to ignore when he is having a tantrum because than he will soon understand that’s not the way to handle it.

Most of the time when I ignore him during his temper tantrums I’m also observing everything he is doing. That’s when I notice everything and what does trigger the temper tantrums. I notice that he will look around to see if anyone is watching him during kicking, screaming, and crying. He tries to get mommy and daddy to react to him. I don’t want to give in but there are sometimes you just do. When he has the tantrums I would like to put him in time out. Hoping he understands that’s not how you are suppose to act.

When observing my son I do notice that the temper tantrums at first where very bad but lately they have only been a couple seconds or he will go into the time out chair. I feel he is understanding that the temper tantrums are not the way.

Give or take I understand temper tantrums are part of growing up and as a parent you just need to have a way to handle it and understand it. The more I observe him; the more I understand and can try to change his behavioral. I know you have to stay focused and don’t make too many changes. Make sure both parents are in it together and have the same understands for the temper tantrums. If everyone is on the same page in the family, my son will make changes and both parents will notice it. I understand as a parent there will be more behavioral problems in life to come but there are ways to change it. Knowing the behavioral and understanding they ways you can make changes….
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