Baseball game feedback

Topics: Knowledge, Native Speaker, English-language films Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: November 5, 2013
 Feedback about the whole baseball program

After the final presentation over, I look back the 2 weeks about this experience and I do learn a lot. Every one of us knows more about the teamwork, the business, the baseball game, the American culture and the bond among them. I believe everyone enjoy their teamwork about this, especially our team members, because only our team did not have any native speakers and none of us knew about baseball very well. We saw the game, we looked around the stadium, we searched information from the official website of Valley cats and we asked the questions to the baseball game manager. All we want to do is to make a good project that can really help the Valley cats increasing revenue, decreasing cost and prove ourselves: we can do as well as other teams do and even better! The most important thing is that from this experience we learn how to solve problems and how to corporate with international students. Our team is great and every member of our team has great ideas and is full of passion but at first, honestly, we did not communicate very well, each member had their own business and language was also a big problem. This is first time for me to go to another country. Listening to native speaker talking and understanding them are big challenges for me, not to mention India accent. Fortunately after having a big discussion with Thomas Triscari and communicating with each other positively and doing a lot of brainstorms, we found our way that we really did think some great ideas and we did accept each member’s habits and I could hear Indian speaking clearly. Besides, there is an advice from me for this program that if we can learn something about baseball rules and knowledge before the orientation, especially for the international students, we can do better. Of course, I will 100% recommend this program for next year’s MBA students. First reason, I like the part of whole program that watching baseball game best. You know when the...
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