Banning of Books and Knowledge

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English 112
Book Banning or Banning of Knowledge
Books can have a variety of different functions and potentials. A book can expand your knowledge or allow you to escape your world and become a part of the book. Books come in all sorts of genres and almost all fall under the categories of fictional or nonfictional. Some books might be viewed as inappropriate or explicit, but these views are different for everyone. But these views are what some book banning is based on. Book banning is when a book will be not be allowed to be viewed by almost anyone. Governments, schools, and/or libraries are some of the institutions that can be the ones to decide to ban books. Book banning should be stopped, instead there should be regulations that allow parents to choose what their child reads until they are old enough to choose for themselves and it also violates our freedom of press right and our educational advancement.

Instead of entirely banning books like some governments have done; we should instead have regulations that only allow appropriate readers to read the books that are deemed explicit or inappropriate for most readers or readers of a certain age. There are certain topics that are very touchy like racism and books with sexual references. But education is open to anyone and taking away the opportunity to read books and learn from these books and form opinions on these readings would be simply wrong. There is some instances where some books should be kept from children but only until they are mature enough to read and understand these books. Some of the great novels that are either banned already or are in controversy of being banned teach kids important values and life lessons. Books also educate children about world affairs, classic themes, and history. If the book isn’t appropriate for the children now it will highly likely be in their future. So why take it away for good just because they aren’t ready for the book now?

As a US citizen we are guaranteed...
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