bad habits

Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Causality Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: February 19, 2015
Hailee Gerwitz
Professor Shultz
ENWR 105-11
9 May 2014
Healing With a Little Help
Do you ever go outside and take a second to look around, and see everything that you have? What if one day it was all gone? Most people do not realize that they take advantage of what they have, even if it’s right in front of them. We humans need to focus on the renewable resources and help change our bad habits to save what is left of our planet. In the two srticles “A Good Without Light” by Curtis White and “The Climate at the End of our Fork” by Anna Lappe, both talk about how to change our bad habits and help save the sources we have left on this planet. Even changing the little things, like the way we eat can help us save our resources.

In Anna Lappe’s “The Climate at the End of our Fork” she discusses changing the food production system for ecological reason, “we are already seeing major impacts of climate change on agriculture: droughts leading to crop loss and salinization of soils.”(Lappe 854). She states this, because we are destroying our vital land, and the climate changes aren’t making it any better. “with livestock now occupying twenty-six percent of the planet’s ice-free land, the impact of this poor land management is significant”(Lappe 856). Lappe states that eighteen percent of global warming is associated with how we use our land and the changes we make to it. For example, cutting down rainforests and drying them out and using it for other sources such as palroil production are a waste of vital resources. Although we cause seventy-seven percent of this destruction to the environment, there has to be a way to have sustainability. People need to be more careful and at least not waste so much food. If people stop wasting food, there will not be as much wasteland that we had caused or will cause in the future.

Lappe does point out that there is a solution to this problem. “Once we gaze directly at the connection between food, farming, and global warming,...

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