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 Transaction Process System (TPS)
A transaction process system (TPS) is an information processing system for business transactions involving the collection, modification and retrieval of all transaction data. Characteristics of a TPS include performance, reliability and consistency. TPS is also known as transaction processing or real-time processing.A transaction process system and transaction processing are often contrasted with a batch process system and batch processing, where many requests are executed all at one time. The former requires the interaction of a user, whereas batch processing does not require a user to be present. Also, in batch processing the results of each transaction are not immediately available. Additionally, there is a delay while the many requests are being organized, stored and eventually executed. In transaction processing there is no delay and the results of each transaction are immediately available. During the delay time for batch processing, errors can occur. Although errors can occur in transaction processing, they are infrequent and tolerated, but do not warrant shutting down the entire system. To achieve performance, reliability and consistency, data must be readily accessible in a data warehouse, backup procedures must be in place and the recovery process must be in place to deal with system failure, human failure, computer viruses, software applications or natural disasters.

Decision Support Systems
Decision Support Systems - DSS - are a specific class of computer-based information systems that support your decision-making activities. It can analyze business data and provide interactive information support to managers and business professionals during the decision-making process, from problem recognition to implementing your decision. Today, the most common synonym is Business Intelligence.Decision Support Systems or Business Intelligence use (1) Analytical models, (2) specialized databases, (3) a decision maker’s own insights and judgments, and (4) an interactive, computer-based modeling process to support semi-structured business decisions.The entire decision-making process, from problem recognition to action, has become so accelerated it is simply impossible to rely on human response alone. That's why you need Business Intelligence to help you react and adapt to the constantly changing business environment. Office automation?

The term office automation refers to all tools and methods that are applied to office activities which make it possible to process written, visual, and sound data in a computer-aided manner.

Office automation is intended to provide elements which make it possible to simplify, improve, and automate the organization of the activities of a company or a group of people (management of administrative data, synchronization of meetings, etc.).

Considering that company organizations requires increased communication, today, office automation is no longer limited to simply capturing handwritten notes. In particular, it also includes the following activities: exchange of information

management of administrative documents
handling of numerical data
meeting planning and management of work schedules
Executive Information System
Executive Information System / Executive Support System
An Executive Information System can be defined as a specialized Decision Support System. This type of the system generally includes the various hardware, software, data, procedures and the people. With the help of all this, the top level executives get a great support in taking and performing the various types of the decisions. The executive information system plays a very important role in obtaining the data from the different sources, then help in the integration and the aggregation of this data. After performing these steps the resulting information is displayed in such a pattern that is very easy to understand.Executive information system is ‘a computer based system...
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