Baby Dumping

Topics: Morality, Education, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: August 17, 2013
³Lack of Parental Guidance is the cause of baby dumping´. What is your opinion?Support your answer with examples. You should write at least 350 words.I am neutral with the topic: lack of parental guidance is the cause of babydumping, because as the research is done, I found that there are actually more solidreasons for teenagers nowadays to commit on baby dumping. So, I believe it will betotally unfair for us to put all the blames on the parents for this issue although they¶resupposed to be rational in it.As I mentioned, there are actually even better reasons for me to disagree withthe topic. One of the reasons is teenagers¶ self discipline. No doubt those teenagersare curious with everything that happens around them but they should haveconsidered the limitation as curiosity will kill the cat. I really can¶t figure out whythey can¶t control themselves except taking into consideration that they don¶t haveself-discipline.A person with self-discipline can be easily differentiated as they have thecapability to control themselves from going beyond the limitation. With self-discipline, it enables you to choose and perseveres with actions, thoughts and behaviour, which lead to improvement and success because it will provide us withinner strength to overcome all sort of addictions, procrastination and laziness, whichkeep you from moving forward in whatever you do.Educators should reconsider our country¶s education policy, which put morefocus in students¶ academic and physical development instead of their mentaldevelopment. As a result, they should ensure strict rules to the teachers to be seriousin Moral Education and Human Education, which exist in some countries in theEurope. Nowadays, teachers in Malaysia are targeting for their KPI which areanalysed by producing students with excellent academic result.This is really a great mistake because to ensure our next generation to besomeone useful to the society, their mental development places the most importantrole....
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