Babies Movie Analysis

Topics: Civilization, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Different but Equal
One-hundred pennies looks, feels, and weighs a lot different than a one dollar bill, yet they are for sure equal in the end. The pennies are different in so many ways from the bill but they both are going to equal or become the same thing whether it is an ice-cream cone or a cheap toy. The same goes for babies, babies from all parts of the world grow up in different societies and cultures. They do have unequal things about their infant worlds, such as having or not having a playground or having little food or a bunch of food. Through all these differences there is still one equal and same objective, to raise the baby so that it can survive in the culture or place it will grow up in. In the movie Babies there are different babies growing up in different cultures and places around the world. It is easiest to compare the two babies with the most differences one being from Africa and the other being from America. Comparing the babies of an African society and an American society, through a Marxists lens, it is found that many things are different and everything seems unequal with the different items each baby lives with or the culture they must grow up in, but both babies come from a society or culture where they are raised differently and equally with what they only know or have so that the baby can survive in the culture or society they are in.

When looking plainly at the objects that surround an African baby and an American baby it is extremely unequal. An African baby does not see a lot of medicine, water, food, toys, or books. An American baby does see a lot of these items. Yet we see that an African baby is happy with what they have, because they do not know of any other toys, medicine, or food in their environment. They know they have the best they can get in there place, so they are happy. An American baby sees many things that are better than what they have and can almost never be satisfied by what they already have. When...
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