Autocratic Decision-Making

Topics: Leadership, Management, Decision making Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: June 24, 2011
A person’s ability to lead others determines his or her leadership skills. The supervisor is the center of autocratic leadership. The autocratic leader makes decisions without consulting employees. The decision-making process does not provide the same results for every organization. Autocratic leadership may be difficult to deal with for some employees, but others may perform well under an autocratic leader. Autocratic leaders make all the decisions, communicate them to subordinates, and expect immediate implementation of instructions. Some leaders may work more effectively when subordinates do not participate in the decision-making process. Some employees lack the ability or the desire to assume responsibility. Autocratic decision-making has advantages and disadvantages to using this method of leadership. The advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership differ for every situation. For example, sometimes managers must handle situations that require immediately attention. In emergency situations, strong leadership is necessary to maintain order. This could be an advantage for the support staff who does not want to be held responsible for what happens. In less stressful situations, it may be beneficial to allow time to think about the situations and influence others input in the decision-making process. The advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership vary for every situation. For example, emergencies require strong management to maintain order. The characteristics of an autocratic leader include the supervisor’s decision rule, little or no input from the employee, and the how subordinates will complete the tasks is entirely up to the supervisor. Working for a leader who uses autocratic style of decision making can sometimes cause the employee to think their hard work is useless. When handling situations at work under autocratic decision-making the supervisor’s approval is always necessary. For example, emergencies require strong management to...

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