atters not which fork

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Poetry Anaylsis "Road Not Taken"

Poetry Analysis Essay for “Road Not Taken” By: Robert Frost

Course # and Title: ENGL 102: Literature and Composition

Semester of Enrollment: Spring 2012

Name: Timothy Bayless

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Timothy Bayless


ENGL-102 C04

Poetry Analysis Essay Outline

I. Introduction

A. Facts: Robert Frost thought a poem should start with delight

but end in wisdom and has also won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry four


B. Title and Author: “The Road Not Taken” By: Robert Frost

C. Thesis: The poem displays the difficult decisions people make in order to progress in life and how one choice can alter the future for better or worse.

II. Body

A. Meaning and Message

i. Surface Meaning: A person comes to a “y” in the road and has to decide which way to go.

ii. Deeper Meaning: Internal debates are overwhelming when deciding what the right decision to make is.

iii. Theme: The choices made in life can alter the future for better or worse.

B. Tone

i. The person speaking in the poem seems to have a certain level of maturity and it shows in the debate about which road to take.

ii. The tone of the speaker is solemn in nature.

iii. The reason the tone seems solemn is because the speaker is left with the uncertainty of what lies down each road and speaks in past tense throughout.

C. Figures of Speech

i. The speaker is using a metaphor while speaking about “The Road Not Taken” By: Robert Frost

ii. The comparison of the wear of the two roads is about even so it makes the decision even harder. The yellow wood typically refers to autumn, or an age of dying. The fact that the roads were worn evenly also shows the time it has taken for these roads to be worn.

iii. The speech reveals that the speaker was mature but also that the difficulty of the decision was elevated because of the likeness of the two roads.

iv. The metaphors used in the poem are to show the mindset of the speaker and also the similarities between the roads, thus making the decision even harder.

D. Sound Effects

i. Rhyme scheme: abaab, cdccd, efeef, ghggh

ii. Alliteration: The “w” sound in “wanted” and “wear”

iii. Assonance: “wood” “could” stood”

iv. Onomatopoeia: “sigh” in stanza 4

v. The sound effects in the poem help paint a picture of the season, the leaves, and the road wear, and the possible displeasure of the choice made.

E. Symbolism

i. The “y” or fork in the road.

ii. The “y” or fork in the road, symbolize the freewill of mankind and the fate of the decisions made.

III. Conclusion

A. Thesis: The poem displays the difficult decisions people make in order to progress in life and how one choice can alter the future for better or worse.

B. Summary: In “the Road Not Traveled” By: Robert Frost the speaker is faced with a choice between two similar roads and makes a decision to travel one, unsure of what the outcome will be and left to accept that decision in his life.

C. Application to real life: We are faced with many choices in life. Some choose the most traveled road, some choose the road less traveled, but in any event, we are left to live with the decision we make an attempt to make the best of what we are presented.


Cited: “The Road Not Taken” By: Robert Frost
“Robert Frost’s Tricky Poem” By: Linda Sue Grimes
atters not which fork
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