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Knowledge Management
& Transfer Model
{Techniques and Forms}


Division of Personnel
Department of Administrative Service
State of New Hampshire

Table of Contents


4-6Generally Accepted Definitions for Knowledge Management and Transfer

7Knowledge Transfer Practices Chart

8-13Developing and implementing a knowledge management/transfer plan [Steps, Forms, and Example]

14-16Overviews of knowledge management/transfer strategies

17-41Knowledge management and transfer strategies [strategy, definition, benefits, obstacles, when to use, and how to use] 18-20After Action Reviews
21-22Best Practices
23-25Communities of Practice
26Co-op Internships
27Expert Interviews
28-29Job Aids
30Knowledge Fairs
31-32Learning Games
36-37On-the-Job Training [OJT]

42-46Addendum #1 [Using a Knowledge Loss Risk Assessment – Metrics – to Identify Positions Key to Organizational Goals and Objectives]



This document is intended to help state agencies retain critical organizational knowledge. The goal of Knowledge Management is not to capture all knowledge, but rather manage the knowledge that is most important to the organization. It involves applying the collective knowledge and abilities of the entire workforce to achieve specific organizational objectives.

State agencies should feel free to adapt and use information and tools on the following pages as necessary within their organization. It is provided to be a starting point for sharing knowledge and experience, allowing those who remain with the organization to continue providing quality service.

Capturing and sharing critical knowledge and expertise should be occurring continuously among employees. In many cases, however, it is not and this need becomes pressing when a valued employee is preparing to retire or change positions. When an organization is considering implementing a knowledge transfer plan it is important to answer several questions: 1. Is the organization going to fill the vacant position or reassign the duties? 2. Are all the duties of the position still important to the mission of the organization? 3. Is there a need to update the position description?

4. Will the position change, remain as is, or be eliminated once the employee leaves?

What is knowledge transfer?
David DeLong’s book “Lost Knowledge” describes knowledge as the “capacity for effective actions or decision-making in the context of organizational activity”. Accordingly, lost knowledge would decrease this vital capacity and help undermine organizational effectiveness and performance. The goal of transferring knowledge to others [known as Knowledge Transfer] is to: 1. Identify key positions and people where potential knowledge loss is most imminent. 2. Assess how critical the knowledge loss will be.

3. Develop a plan of action to ensure the capture of that critical knowledge and a plan of action to transfer it.

Why is knowledge transfer important?
A significant percentage of the state’s workforce is nearing retirement age over the next ten years. These employees have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge about how things work, how to get things done and who to go to when problems arise. Losing their expertise and experience could significantly reduce efficiency, resulting in costly mistakes, unexpected quality problems, or significant disruptions in services and/or performance. In addition, faster turnover among younger employees and more competitive recruiting and compensation packages add significantly to the mounting concern about the state’s ability to sustain acceptable levels of performance.

What are the benefits of a knowledge transfer program?
Knowledge transfer [KT]...
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