Assignment 2

Topics: Morality, Immanuel Kant, Ethics Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: May 13, 2015

Step 0: Do Assignment 1
Assignment 02:

Time for you to think a little again. In the crossroads assignment one of the multiple choice questions was: “In 2010, Whitey Basson the CEO of Shoprite earned ZAR 620,000,000.00.” My personal opinion on this statement is most closely described by: A. Who cares?

B. Good for him – he worked hard to earn this
C. The only problem I have with this is that this money is in Basson’s bank account and not in mine D. I think that it is morally wrong for anyone to earn that much money E. I think that active steps should be taken to correct such immoral executive remuneration practices

Step 1: Evaluate the act using Kant’s categorical imperative (We've done the first 2 steps for you) 1. State your proposed act as a maxim:

"I will take ZAR 620 000 000.00 (A) when I've done a year's work (C) in order to get really, really rich (E)."

I will take that R620 000 000.00, at least take ¼ of that money for myself, the remaining ¾ of the money, I would open a sponsor fund in my own private capacity to assist people from underprivileged families, starting with the staff employed in my company by educating them and their family members, assisting those who have innovative and viable ideas which might put my country on the map, to start their own small businesses with a view that I can earn a certain share percentage in those small businesses, which will bring me more money and at the same time do good for my fellow human beings in order to alleviate poverty as it is morally wrong to earn such a lot of money while people who are employed in the same company at lower ranks are struggling to make ends meet.

2. Restate this maxim as a universal law;

"All people (7 billion of them) will take ZAR 620 000 000.00 when they've done a year's work in order to get really, really rich."

All people who earn exorbitant amounts of money should be involved in community services with the primary...

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