Topics: Observation, Knowledge, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: January 12, 2013
D 1. D1. Describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 4 years. Children in stage of 4 years old are much more interested in creating things by themselves. Although they may play in pairs to improve their communication skills. Also children expire their emotions or feelings by painting and drawing. Even they are using physical skills in games in playground and they are much more confident when running or climbing. (Taoin P 2007)

Almost every child enoying painting and drawing. This helps youngsters to develop and express their thoughts, emotions, feelings and language by showing other people what they did or how they are feeling. Also children takes a part in the disscussions which learn them how to talk to other by using their own language and share the ideas with others. Members of staff should make feel children more confident by display their work that children could feel sense of achievement. Some of the children may have a problems beacuse of sickness such as children having the problems with concentration, or focus on the one thing. Also children which are having physical problems such as problems with feelings or touch, they may have difficulties with taking a part in activity with other children. . D2. Describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 5 years. Children of 5 years old enjoy to take a part to play the game of junk modelling and collage. Through cutting, sticking and holding they are developing fine manipullative, gross manipulattive and hand-eye coordination skills. When they a part of this activity they may learn how take a turn, sharing and work with group. Also children learn how to communicate with others. Unfortunately disabled children may have a problem to understand and take a part in this activity. For example children having physical disability may understand and play the game differently than other heatlthy children.

D3. Describe ONE suitable method of observing and...
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