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Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Earth Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Climate change
Climate change is a change in the world’s climate. Climate change is the result of greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide and methane) building up into our atmosphere and helping trap the heat. Over the past two decades greenhouse gases continue to build up into our atmosphere because of human activity. The atmosphere acts like a blanket protecting us so when solar radiation comes in it is reflected back into space but the greenhouse gases keep building up and making this blanket thicker harder and for the solar radiation and to bounce back into space. This causes the earth’s temperature to become warmer. The gradual increase in temperature has a major effect for ecosystems, growing seasons, animals and their habitats. Concentrations of greenhouse gases are now higher than at any ever in the past 800,000 years with an average surface temperature rise of 0.7°C over the past 100 years. Climate change causes weather patterns to change resulting in long droughts severe storms, bushfires and rising sea levels. Climate change occurs around the world due to the greenhouse gases trapping the heat in our earth. E.g. global warming and climate change is occurring in north and South Pole due to a rise in the earth’s surface tempters causing glaciers and the ice caps to melt studies shows that in next 50-70 years we will no longer have our polar ice caps. Climate change occurs due to the excessive amount of greenhouse gases being pumped into the earth’s atmosphere every day because of human activity. Some solar energy that reaches earth gets absorbed into the atmosphere and some portion leave earth, and here, greenhouse gases prevent solar radiation from going into space and to remain inside the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide Is considered a the major cause of climate change because one it enters the earth’s atmosphere it remains in there for a long period of time and more is pumped into the atmosphere. Pollution could cause climate change due to...
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