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Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacist, Clinical pharmacy Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: June 23, 2013
his is funny to admit at this stage of my pre-registration year, but I do not fully understand the role of a pharmacist. Those of you who read my blogs may be thinking – “why?” Surely after four years at university and four months of pre-registration training I should understand the role of the pharmacist. But the truth is I don’t, and here’s why. Throughout my pharmacy degree I gathered experience in four sectors that pharmacists can work in which included; academia, hospital, community and the industrial sector. My first experience was in academia and I could understand the role of a pharmacist here. Being a registered pharmacist in this sector is not necessary. This is because an academic career does not necessarily involve the practise of pharmacy. However specific areas e.g. pharmacy law and ethics and pharmaceutics, may require registration and a more clinical focus. In general, teaching is a part of the pharmacy code of ethics under section 7 ‘Take Responsibility For Your Working Practices’ with 7.3 stating ‘Contribute to the development, education and training of colleagues and students, and share your knowledge, skills and expertise’. The academic sector for a pharmacist’s career therefore makes sense and the day-to-day role can be described as that similar to any other academic. The next area in which I worked was community. Primarily the pharmacist’s role here is to ensure the essential services stated by the PSNC are being delivered. From my understanding, this is what defines the pharmacist’s role in community. The location of community pharmacies will dictate what additionally services are available and the pharmacists may or may not have to adapt to these roles e.g. flu vaccination, smoking cessation. The role of a community pharmacist can be very clear cut. In my opinion, the role could be expanded to increase collaboration with General Practitioners and Commissioning Groups and I feel there are areas where community pharmacists can have more of...
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