Arrangement in Black and White

Topics: Maya Angelou, Weather, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: July 22, 2013
English assessment
By Maya Angelou (500 words)
What you looking at me for?
1930s American teachers Marguerite that black is ugly and that the abuse she suffers is her own fault. It is own in her teens that Marguerite emerges from the private world of muteness into which has withdrawn and confronts the prejudice around her. She is no longer a victim, but a champion of her own identity. Maya Angelou’s classic autobiographical account of her childhood is a powerful and moving evocation of a black girl’s struggle against her oppressors.

The story is about Maya Angelou and she get to know why the cage bird sings to express the feeling and now days birds hardly sing and when they sing people just throw the stone at them to get them quite.

Grandmother Baxter was a quadroon or an octoroon, she was nearly white. She had been raised by a German family in Cairo, Illinois, and had come to St Louis at the turn of the century to study nursing.

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