Argument Against Divine Command Theory

Topics: Morality, Logic, Ethics Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Argument against Divine Command Theory
In order to analyze the argument presented by Russ Shafer- Landau against the divine command theory, it is important to first understand the concept of divine command theory. The author has presented the idea about the ethical objectivity of God which is against the Divine Command theory that says there are the existence of only one God and therefore the uncertainties about the skepticism that are moral in nature are halted for the time. The theory of divine command also focuses on the nature of the actions that they are correct and it is because of the command of God that is given to the human beings. In the case when the divine command concept is placed within the heart of a person then the actions and behaviors performed by such people are placed on the model of ethics but these ethics are subjective and arbitrary. The ethics is an unlikely collection of ungrounded values of the morals (Shafer- Landau, P60). Russ Shafer- Landau has presented his ideas against this concept that the ethical subjectivity can be only related to the God. He says that this cannot be true because the command of God is anything but that is arbitrary in nature. The command of God cannot be doubtful or illogical. There must be some reasoning behind the particular command of the God that could guide the human being. The other actions performed by the human beings are their own responsibility which cannot be blamed to God. The commands are the foundations or bases of the moral actions and morality that is the essence of the ethics and ethical subjectivity. The responsibilities of arbitrary actions are mistakenly performed by the people or it is their won will that triggers them perform such actions and the God is not responsible for those actions and behaviors. The argument presented by the author Russ Shafer- Landau is that if the divine command theory is considered to be true then we must believe that the God has some kind of objective...
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