Are We Too Risk-Conscious These Days?

Topics: Decision theory, Risk, Hazard Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: January 20, 2013
In these times, this generation has evolved into a congregation of high-skilled individuals. The ability to decide on the best routes of life just at the perfect time has its way to change one's life into a miracle! Henceforth, making the right choices is one of the fundamentals to living in this urbanized contemporary.

Although some people tend to make deciding between important commitments and hobbies seem easy; the same number of people deem this as lifetime risks as they sometimes result to serious failure. In my perspective, I would not overlook the fact that choosing between one's most favored interests should be a quick decision; but not considering the pros and cons in this matter thoroughly would bring a terrible outcome. The question is, is all of this too dangerous? Or, are we just too risk-conscious nowadays?

From the eyes of many, risk-taking should be the necessity to achieve success while not taking any would be the biggest risk in one's life. Taking risks is the action of sacrificing what one has for success knowing that failure will still persist, should it be the wrong choice made at the right time or vice versa. Risks are apparently essential for growth. Without having to grab risks in life, one is basically escaping from the challenges and adventures that one needs to face in order for a better understanding to take place. Without risks, one simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love and live.

As ironic as it sounds, the greatest hazard is to risk nothing as I have mentioned before. Not having to risk anything for a change would be boring and one will continuously regret for not approaching the chance to act on. Life would be sadly monotonous too if there were not any risks taken in one's life. Besides, there is no wrong in facing most of the bad first then only the good - without pain, one will gain nothing.

On another note, risk actually offers one an opportunity to open up to one's true talents, interests, abilities and...
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