Apwh Tri 3 Review Answers

Topics: Communism, Soviet Union, World War II Pages: 5 (1721 words) Published: May 29, 2013
What was the effect of Germany's arrival after 1870 as a new powerful player on the international scene?| It was disruptive to the established order.| What impact did World War I have on Europe's colonial empires?| The war drew in laborers from the colonies.| Which of the following was a factor in causing the Great Depression?| Stock market speculation| Japan's motivations for going to war with Western powers in the years before the opening of World War II include all but which of the following?| The effort by Western powers to force Japan to relinquish German spheres of influence in China that Japan had secured during World War I| What was the popular attitude in Europe toward the prospect of war in the summer of 1914?| There was a widespread enthusiasm for war.| In the years following World War I, European women| increasingly gained the right to vote.| The government of which of the following nations was least successful in engineering a recovery from the Great Depression?| The United States.| Which of the following was a feature of fascism in Germany more than Italy?| An insistence on a racial revolution and the use of Jews as a symbol of the foreign influences corrupting society.| Which of the following was a reason for the popularity of the Nazi Party once it seized power in the 1930's?| The Nazi regimes's success at bringing Germany out of the Great Depression| In what way was nationalist Japan most similar to fascist Italy and Nazi Germany?| Aggressive ambition for conquest and empire-building| How did Japanese nationalists differentiate Japanese society from Western society?| They believed that the Japanese were more loyal to their ruler than Westerners were to their own rulers.| What was the impact of the outcome of World War II on communism?| It gave communism legitimacy in the Soviet Union and control over half of Europe and much of Asia| In contrast to what transpired during World War I, the Germans during World War II were able to| conquer France quickly.| What happened to European economies after the United States began its Marshall Plan in 1948?| Europe saw massive economic growth and widespread prosperity.| Which of the following comparisons between World Wars I and II are true?| There were more civilian casualties in WWII| How did the Chinese Communist Party adapt its ideology and strategy during its long struggle to power?| It focused on creating peasant communism and rural guerrilla warfare.| The Communist Revolution in Russia was similar to the French Revolution in all but which of the following?| Both sought the economic quality of all citizens.| The Communist Revolution in China differed from that of Russia in which of the following ways?| Intellectuals in Russia have been discussing socialism for half a century or more before the revolution, whereas the ideas of Karl Marx were barely known in the early twentieth century.| At the opening of it's push for modernization, China faced an even more daunting task than Russia because| China's industrial base was smaller.| Which of the following best describes the initial policies of the Soviet and Chinese Communist Parties toward women after taking over?| They achieved far-reaching freedom for women.| In contrast to China, the collectivization of agriculture in the Soviet Union| was marked by extensive violence and the murder or deportation of wealthier peasants.| The emergence of privileged bureaucratic and technological elite in communist societies as a consequence of industrial modernization was| combated by Mao Zedong through a program known as the Cultural Revolution.| Of the communist regimes that came to power in North Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, and Afghanistan, which took power in a country that have achieved the level of industrialization that Karl Marx believe necessary for communism?| None.| What was the end result of Mao's two great campaigns- the "Great Leap Forward"...
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