Approaches To Decision Making

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Cognition Pages: 4 (688 words) Published: August 2, 2015
Approaches to Decision making
Kimberly Williamson
June 14, 2015
Instructor Melodie Griffin

Scenario 2
I chose the Nursing home Scenario. It can be very difficult even for managers to make the appropriate decisions. While working in a nursing home, we had a similar scenario. The first step in making a decision would be to figure out where the infection is coming from and why it in spread so fast. Then it would be a good idea to figure out how to prevent and decrease the speed/rate of the infection. It will be normal for infections to occur in nursing homes, but it is possible to prevent this from happening, and it is important to make the right decisions. Making important decisions is one of the main jobs of the manager, but there are different managerial styles, there are different decision-making styles. Decision making involves uncertainty and risk, and decision makers have varying degrees of risks. There are certain questions management could ask themselves or do, in order to make the right decision, such as ("Decision Making - strategy, organization, system, advantages, manager, school, model, type, company," n.d.): What exactly is the problem?

What needs to be done?
Develop an action plan.
Take responsibility for the actions.
Addressing the problem/issue correctly.

The Decision
The decision that should be made for the scenario mentioned above, could have a better outcome if made by a group. For example, when trying to figure out how the problem/issue developed, it can be easier to find out in a group. Certain individuals may have noticed changes that others have not noticed. Also by making the decision in a group, there will be many different point of views and ideas in order to prevent or stop the problem/issue from happening. By having different point of views, it can be easier and faster to make a good decision. One individual may have ideas or a solution to the problem/issue that others would not have. Making a group...

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