Apple Pestel Environment Analysis

Topics: Pixel, Environment, Law Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: September 6, 2011
These refer to government policy such as the degree of intervention in the economy Apple, being a Cupertino based company in California, is subject to American laws and regulations. These include taxation laws and product manufacturing regulations.

* These include interest rates, taxation changes, economic growth, inflation and exchange rates. For example:                - higher interest rates may deter investment because it costs more to borrow                - a strong currency may make exporting more difficult because it raises prices                - inflation may provoke higher wage demands from employees and raise costs                - higher national income growth may boost demand for a firm's products. Apple survived the recession fairly well, and with the recession over, business is booming. The currency is also very low at the moment, especially compared to the Australian dollar, which leads to big increase in exports into the gray markets overseas. Socio- Cultural

Changes in social trends can impact on the demand for a firm's products and the availability and willingness of individuals to work.  Apple is at the forefront of social trends, it not only follows trends, it starts them. The ubiquitous iPhone is a massive trend in itself. It is very good at market research and finding out what it is exactly that people want. Technological

 New technologies create new products and new processes.  Technology can reduce costs, improve quality and lead to innovation. These developments can benefit consumers as well as the organisations providing the products. Apple, being a consumer electronics company has a core competency in technology, and also a competitive advantage given some of the revolutionary products it has. For example, its Retina display is the first mass produced screen with over 300ppi (pixels per inch). At that given pixel density, it is said that the human eye cannot differentiate...

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