Ap World History Comparative Review

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AP World History Review: Comparative Questions
Curtain Call

Directions: Use your textbook and or your Princeton Review Book to list as many facts about the following historical comparisons. Use the attached Societal Comparison sheet as a guideline for what to compare and contrast. Remember that you do not have to fill in every topic on the sheet, try and get used to looking for these topics when you are comparing societies-in this way you will increase your speed in breaking down the comparative essay on the actual exam. After you have finished all of your comparisons, you should attempt to write a thesis statement for every topic based on the comparisons. You should try to do as many of your comparisons as soon as you can. The test is scheduled for the first week in May!

Comparative questions ask students to decide how two different subjects are similar and different. It is expected that these questions will only compare within time periods. Example. 8000 B.C.E. to 600C.E, 600 to 1450, 1450 to 1750, 1750-1914, 1914 to Present

Use the index of the textbook and the table of contents (chapter headings) to help you to expedite the needed information!

**If possible type out your work so that it is neat and can be studied from before the AP exam****

1. Compare and contrast any two of the river valley civilizations

2. Compare and contrast Buddhism and Hinduism for their views on gender, social hierarchy, and inequalities. (Or an Indian belief with a Chinese philosophy)

3. Compare and contrast gender roles in classical India and China

4. Compare and contrast classical Mediterranean (Greek and Roman) economical (agricultural and mercantile) practices with other civilizations’ institutions (Han, Mayan, Persian, one of them)

5. Compare and contrast classical Mediterranean attitudes towards invention, artisans and the sciences with their Chinese counterparts. (Han, Greek and Roman)

6. Compare and contrast Hellenistic and Han political, social, and economic institutions

7. Compare and contrast the collapses of the Roman Empire and Han China

8. Compare and contrast social classes, social inequality, and gender relations in any two classical religions. (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism)

9. Compare and contrast the Aztec and Inca empires

10. Compare and contrast west European and Japanese feudalism (in-class handout will help)

11. Compare the role that Christianity played in western Europe to the role played by Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism in creating political and social unity in the postclassical world

12. Compare the spread, groups who joined, and universal appeal of Islam with Buddhism or Christianity

13. Compare and contrast the fall of the Abbasids with the fall of any one empire, Roman; Han China; or Guptan Empire

14. Compare and contrast African and Muslim views of gender

15. Compare the impact of trade on Africa with the impact of trade in southeast Asia (Muslim effects)

16. Compare and contrast Roman Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy

17. Compare and contrast Byzantine and Chinese Imperial institutions (emperors)

18. Compare and contrast the Hanseatic League (northern Europe) and the Swahili trading cities

19. Compare and contrast western European crusades with Muslim jihads

20. Compare and contrast Tang and Song commercial revolutions with the revival of trade and commerce in medieval western Europe

21. Compare and contrast Tang and Song intellectual and technical achievements with the Muslim achievements during the Abbasid era

22. Compare and contrast the Roman Peace and their style of rule with the Mongols (Mongol Peace)

23. Compare the Roman and Mongol War machines and military tactics

24. Compare and contrast the Chinese and Portuguese naval expeditions in the Indian Ocean during the 15th century. 1400’s! (Zheng He and Prince Henry, Dias, da Gama et al.

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