Antz vs the Communist Manifesto

Topics: Communism, Karl Marx, Marxism Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 11, 2013

The Movie “Antz” is represents how communism works and how the main character struggles to remove himself from the colony. Antz is commonly related to Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, which practically states that there are only two divisions of people in the world. These two groups are called the bourgeols, which is the rich and wealthy, and the proletarlat, which is made of the working class citizens. Throughout the film, the main character struggles with the extreme force of the communist like ant colony. Three moments of the film that clearly show his struggle and how he is treat for his class is at the begging of the movie when he is in the tunnels digging, poses as a hero of war, and begins a revolution.

At the very begging of the movie we find ourselves to realize that this lonesome worker ant, Z, is part of an ant colony. This colony represents how communism works. While he is digging, he stops and begins to tell Azteca and Weaver how he feels about being a worker ant and how he wants to be an individual more than just another mindless clone of the colony. Shortly later the head ant over the workers approaches Z and tells him to get back to work. When Z asks him why, the ant replies,” because that’s what you were told to do”. So just this small moment alone shows how the lower class was treated unfairly and how communistic governments have complete control over their citizens.

Following Z’s stand off with the head ant, later in the movie he poses as a soldier so that he can see Princess Bala. Although that was what he intended to do, he was accidentally sent off to battle with tons of soldier ants. All of them died except for Z, which...
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