Antitrust movie reiew

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Social philosophy Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: March 4, 2015
Jeffrey D. Ladiana

I. Executive movie analysis
Teddy continues to work in the garage and has a breakthrough “it’s not in the box, it’s in the band.” Soon after that, Winston tells Milo the exact word teddy did. Milo realizes Winston will kill for codes and competition. Tragedy strikes and his doubts become suspicions. He investigates and proves an unnerving dilemma. Almost all of his trusted folks were after him. He went to see burton but he then realizes that trusting him is the least choice he had. Milo connived with his old friend Larry and a guy from NURV security office to do his plan. Just as Winston thought he had captured Milo together with the disc, a live worldwide broadcast interrupted them. Milo deceived him this time. Winston and others was arrested; and Milo together with his friends and kids working on their garage freed from predatory claw of NURV.

II. What social, political and ethical issues have you noticed in that movie? Explain.

The movie focuses on the moral behaviour and ethical standards. Ethical in a way that one defy the rule of morality; we as human should be aware of doing what is right and knowing what is wrong. Political issues such being defector, doing obnoxious actions against others and using political positions and connections for personal gain.

III. What law should be implemented to punish the antagonists in the movie? Defending the right of businesses to compete is the proper purpose of antitrust law. Each business should consider giving way other competitors who’s trying to be successful.

IV. If you were the script-writer, what would be the ending of the story?
I do like how the story goes and how it ended. Bad guys were punished and the leading actor was satisfied of what he has done for the sake of society.

V. What values can you get to the movie?
Never use others intellectual rights just to gain power and so called extraordinary technological innovation for own benefit....
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