Anti Global Warming Essay

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Global warming is a myth and should not be feared. The theories behind global warming are filled with false claims and incorrect information. With all of the information it is hard to separate the truth from the lies. When the true facts are presented before you what is truth and what is fiction becomes clear.

First, scientists have made claims on data that may be incorrect. Scientists claim some of their data from weather stations, but this data may be incorrect. “Temperature readings can vary a couple of degrees depending on whether they are next to a building, on a slope, in a valley, or on a hilltop” (Hollingsworth 2). Also some key data comes from weather stations that have moved locations or had the environment around them change, which can affect the readings. On top of all this there is less warming in areas with less weather stations implying that there are a lot of small data errors that are magnified by a larger number of stations.

Secondly, scientists claim data from computer models and other predictions that state things such as the levels of carbon dioxide or predicted temperature in the future, unfortunately these models may be wrong. First the future is unpredictable; we cannot possibly predict natural events such as sunspots which greatly affect the climate. “In the mid-1970’s computer models told us we should prepare for global cooling.” this statement obviously shows how wrong computer models can be . Also, these predictions have basis on current technologies such as how much carbon an individual factory or car produces, but these levels are constantly changing cars are becoming more fuel efficient and factories are being replaced with wind farms and other clean energy plants. With the information that the predictions are based on changing how can the predictions themselves possibly be correct.

On top of all of this, even the minor inaccurate data may be inconclusive. Nobody has ever proven that the small amount of climate change that has...
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