Anthem Vocabulary

Topics: Altruism, Communism, Fascism Pages: 8 (1058 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Propaganda- information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. Synonyms- advertising, announcement, publicity
Antonyms-facts, reality, truth
Derivatives- propagation, propagate, propagandize, propagandistically

Medieval- of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or in the style of the Middle Ages Synonyms-antique, old, primitive
Antonyms- current, modern, young
Derivatives- medievalism, medievalist, medievalize

Socialism- people who don't care for themselves as individuals but care for success as a whole Synonyms- collective ownership, communism, bolshevism
Antonyms- capitalism, democracy
Derivatives- social, socialize, socialite

Fascism- a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power Synonyms- autocracy, party government, totalitarianism
Antonyms- democracy, equality
Derivatives- fasces, fascist, fascistic

Communism- a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. Synonyms- collectivism, socialism, totalitarianism

Antonyms- capitalism, democracy
Derivatives- communion, communist, communistic

Altruism- the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others Synonyms- benevolence, kindness, selflessness
Antonyms- animosity, greediness, malevolence
Derivatives- altruist, altruistic, altruistically

Conformity- adjusting one's behavior or thinking to coincide with a group standard Synonyms- allegiance, submission, willingness
Antonyms- difference, fight, refusal
Derivatives- conform, conformance

Obedience- the state or quality of being obedient; a form of compliance that occurs when people follow direct commands, usually from someone in a position of authority Synonyms- accordance, duty, respect

Antonyms- mischief, mutiny, rebellion
Derivatives- obedient, obediently

Independence- freedom from outside control; self-reliance and responsibility Synonyms- autonomy, separation, sovereignty
Antonyms- dependence, division, separation
Derivatives- independency, independently

Dependence- the state of relying on or needing someone or something for aid or support Synonyms- assurance, reliance, trust
Antonyms- freedom, independence, strength
Derivatives- dependent, depend, dependable

Individualism- a social theory advocating the liberty, rights, or independent action of the individual; defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes rather than group identifications Synonyms- character, individuality, self

Antonyms- commonality, group, socialist
Derivatives- individual, individualist, individualize

Collectivism- giving priority to the goals of one's group and defining one's identity accordingly; work toward bettering society Synonyms- socialism, totalitarianism, Marxism
Antonyms- capitalism, democracy
Derivatives- collectivist, collectivization, collectivize

Premise- a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion. Synonyms- evidence, proof, thesis
Antonyms- fact, reality, truth
Derivatives- premit, premisal

Totalitarianism- absolute control by the state or a governing Synonyms- autocracy, dictatorship, tyranny
Antonyms- capitalism, democracy
Derivatives- totalitarian, totalitarianize

Anthem- a song of praise or devotion
Synonyms- chant, hymn, melody
Antonyms- silence, non-anthem
Derivatives- anthemia, anthemion

Novella- fictional book longer and more complex than a short story Synonyms-narrative, prose, tale
Antonyms- epic, legend, saga
Derivatives- novel, novelize

Objectivism- The belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them Synonyms- libertarianism
Antonyms- subjectivism
Derivatives- objectivist, objectivistic

Utopia- ideally perfect state
Synonyms- bliss, heaven, paradise
Antonyms- hell, dystopia
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