Topics: Decision theory, Information systems, Decision support system Pages: 4 (602 words) Published: February 26, 2016
For this tutorial, students need to extract some questions from the reference book: Low, KH and Pong, SF. 2012, Information Technology and Systems, 1st edition, Cengage Learning. Please refer to the following table for details:

Question No.
Page No.
Review Question No. / Question
Define the following systems:
(i) Transaction Processing System (TPS)
(ii) Management Information System (MIS)
(iii) Decision Support System (DSS)

4 (a)
4 (b)
4 (c)
Identify the following with examples:
(i) THREE (3) levels of management in ABC BANK.
(ii) Types of decision made by each user.

Tutorial 5
1. Define the following systems:
(i) Transaction Processing System (TPS)
(ii) Management Information System (MIS)
(iii) Decision Support System (DSS)

(i) TPS
A system that processes and records day to day business transactions. A transaction is a individual business activity.

(ii) MIS
A system summarizes, compares data, and generates timely and accurate information for low and middle management to monitor and control the internal operations of an organization.

(iii) DSS
A system that to help middle and top management make decisions that solve problems by analysing data from database and providing the results of the analysis. Help top management predict what will happen with different decisions.

2. Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) are widely used in most organizations. Give TWO (2) examples of TPS used in a manufacturing firm. (pg159, Question 2(b))

Any 2 examples of TPS:
Manufacturing system
Inventory control system
Order entry system
Accounting system

3. Classify each of the following information systems, as one of these types: Transaction Processing System (TPS), Management Information System (MIS), or Decision Support System (DSS). (pg160, Question 4(b)) (a) A system that advises the top management about which business strategic need to apply. (DSS) (b) A...
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