Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Morality, Animal rights, Ethics Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Annotated Bibliography
Oanijah J. Adkins
DeVry University

Woodard, W. (2010). Persian sheep, hawksbill turtles and vodsels: The ethics of eating in some contemporary narratives. In W. Woodard (Ed.), Australia: Australian Literary Studies. host The essay is presented on how different novelists represented eating animals in their own short essays. One story is a depiction on the ethics of importing animals for slaughtering by presenting the functional story of Professor David Lurie. Professor Lurie forced himself to eat sheep meat just to accept another person’s cultural belief. The common way of drawing a conceptual line between human and animal is represented repeatedly. The essay indicates humans’ behavior towards nonhuman animals. I will explain how factory farmers treat their livestock compared to non-factory farmers. I plan on bringing forth humans moral responsibilities to nonhuman animals.

Marcus, E. (2001). Vegan: The new ethics of eating. (2nd Ed.). Ithaca, NY: McBooks Press. Retrieved from
In the book Vegan: The new ethics of eating, Erik Marcus argues that a vegan diet is by far the healthiest, linking meat consumption to heart disease, cancer and obesity. Marcus also devotes a chapter to mad cow disease, exploring the issue on a level absent from the media frenzy created by the Cattlemen’s Association suit against Oprah Winfrey. Marcus also argues that corporate farmers are treating their animals in a cruel and inhumane manner. He also writes that meat production consumes natural resources explaining that it takes at least ten pounds of grain to produce a pound of beef.

The book indicates the environmental impact on cattle ranching. I will inform the reader through Erik’s book on animal mistreatment and cruelty. Giving information on how it is affecting everyone who eats meat.

DeGrazia, D. (1999). Animal ethics around the turn of the...
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