Animal Farm - How George Uses Animals to Convey the Story

Topics: Animal Farm, Marxism, Communism Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: December 17, 2012
“Animal Farm” by George Orwell is a story based on the lives of a society of animals living on the Manor Farm. This story has much more meaning than animals in a farm. It’s about the workings of society in a communist country – Russia. Orwell, instead of actual humans, used animals to express how propaganda was used to influence the people during that time.

One thing that’s extraordinary is how the pigs are favored on Animal Farm. Like Russia, their leader, Napoleon, had favoritsm on pigs, since they were his workers. This relates to human behavior because of the relationship to our government leaders. Based on how a class system operates in a communist society, the government and it's advisers are the highest class, whilst the workers are catergorised as the lower class.

Secondly, powerless people are subject to propaganda. In the book, Squeler and Napoleon told (and convinced) the other animals that Snowball was a traitor and a criminal. They threatened that if Napoleon was not in leadership, Jones, the owner of the Manor Farm, may not come back. This happens in our society during election period – the opposing parties all warn the public of the conquences of voting the other party, and how bad it would be if they were in power.

  Clover's feelings for Boxer also illustrates how animal farm is about human nature and behavior. Clover treated Boxer's troubled hoof with poultices of herbs when he was hurt. After Boxer's hoof had healed, he worked harder than ever. Clover tried to convince Boxer that he shouldn't be working so hard, but Boxer paid no attention. When Boxer had his fall Clover was first to come to his aid, for the next two days Boxer had to stay in his stall, and Clover would give Boxer medicine. When the Knacker's came to collect Boxer, Clover did all in her power to stop the Knackers taking Boxer away. This example of behavior indicates the human quality of love and compassion towards others. If two people love each other, nothing can stand...
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