Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm Essay

“Everyone is equal, though some are just more equal then others.” This quote accurately represents what George Orwell conveys throughout his text ‘Animal Farm’. Orwell uses many techniques to further demonstrate his views of the Russian Revolution through the manipulation of themes, motifs and characterisation.

A recurring theme within the text is inequality and the corruption of society. This is shown through many events such as the demise of the seven commandments and the pig’s obvious fascist imposition over the other farm animals. Equality means being equal in status, rights and opportunities, as we see in ‘Animal Farm’ the reason for overthrowing the humans was because of their mistreatment, but as the story progresses we see the same problem arise in their own society. This closely relates to the corruption amongst their leaders. It is evident throughout the text that the pigs have superior knowledge then the other farm animal and because of this they assume absolute power, and as we see with absolute power, comes absolute corruption. These themes; equality and the corruption of society reflect on Georgeys analysis of the Russian revolution by conveying the idea of communism a false ideology in relation to the quality of equalness.

Throughout the novel many motifs are used to promote the main themes. Some major motifs’ that are reinforced during the text is the chant “Two legs bad, four legs good.” and the song ‘The Beasts of England’. These songs and chants are used as a form of propaganda. To the animals this serves as an emphasis on animalism and identifies humans as the enemy. By using propaganda the pigs have manipulated those that are intellectually inferior further demonstrating inequality because of the lack of education the other farm animals have received as Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”.

Characterisation is a strong technique used by Orwell to demonstration the typical...
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