Animal Farm: Book Report

Topics: Communism, Leon Trotsky, Marxism Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: August 5, 2013

The brilliance of George Orwell’s writing has rendered Animal Farm one of the best socio-political historical allegorical fables ever written. The book was written in 1945 involving animals. The story takes place in a farm called Manor Farm. Engulfed with poor leadership and lack of care of their owners, the farm is then taken over by its battered and mistreated animals. The animals were free and assumed leadership of their own, with their own set of rules & regulations thus were prosperous free of human oppression. Eventually though, the farm experienced bad leadership twice as bad as when the animals weren’t free. With extreme graft & corruption and tyranny, the farm lost its sense of prosperity and freedom that it strongly fought for. Animal Farm served as a symbolism of Russia’s situation during Orwell’s time, particularly the events leading up to World War II during the Stalinist era. He used characters like Napoleon to represent Stalin during his reign, Snowball to represent Stalin’s predecessor Trotsky among many others with their own importance and representations that summed up for the book’s success. It is clear that Orwell’s purpose in writing the book was to represent the communism in Soviet Russia and his opposition of the communism in Russia was very apparent with the engaging plot of his novel. Animal Farm was also surrounded by tons of controversy during its time. Orwell dared to venture where no man has ever gone before, showing the rise, fall, and everything in between of the whole Stalinist era, targeting it and using his novel to reject its practice. Today, the novel’s meaning has still not died down. The novel now represents the banner for rejecting political or any other kind of oppression, and may even create future controversies on its own. Overall, Orwell’s timeless classic showing how the power of greed corrupts the human soul is apt for readers of any age and is surely one of the must-read...
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