Animal Farm: Background Info

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Socialism is a political ideology that gives power to the people. It’s a government run by the people for the people; socialists think that things like the NHS and water should be free to the people - we shouldn’t have to pay to be treated for illness or pay for the water that keeps us alive. In a socialist’s ideal world, the poor wouldn’t get any poorer and the rich wouldn’t get any richer. Any wealth should be shared with the community instead of the elite rich.


Capitalism is where properties, trade and industry are owned and controlled by individual private owners so they can keep the money/profits they make, instead of having everything run and the profit shared with the community. The “free market” economy that the Capitalism has means that people can buy (things like food) and sell by their own judgement.


Communism is an extreme way of Socialism, as they say that there shouldn’t be any upper class or lower class/social classes. It’s a political way of thinking; an idea of how society should run and be organised. “Common ownership” is the communist idea that everyone everywhere should own the tools/factories/farms that are used to produce goods and food – all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their needs.

Russian Revolution (in brief)

The Russian Revolution in 1905 was an outbreak of mass political and social turmoil that spread across the Russian Empire. A strike the year before, which was put down by the army that opened fire and killed hundreds of the demonstrators, was thought to be the catalyst. Some of the uprising was against the government, while some was directionless. All this included strikes from workers, peasant rebellion and military revolt. There was no socialism in Russia at the time; the poor were getting poorer and the rich were getting richer. The Tsar responded to this by forming elected groups to represent the needs of the...
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