Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Research Paper
George Orwell is the author of the book called Animal Farm, and he is probably most famous for this allegory that is based on the events of the Russian Revolution. George Orwell wrote some of the best satirical fiction of the twentieth century and was a man of strong opinions. Animal Farm is an anti soviet satire and displays his view on the Russian revolution through this story (George Orwell 2). In this story “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, the characters and events represent and exhibit ideas, people and events of the Russian Revolution. For example the protagonists in the story are two pigs who are meant to portray Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. There are also many other connections that can be made with the book and the revolution.

The ideas and philosophies of Vladimir Lenin are very similar to those of Napoleon in the story Animal Farm. Napoleon and Lenin both held very similar positions at the time of the revolution in both the story as well as the real Russian revolution. One example is their tactics that they used to gain total control while having complete trust of his subjects. Lenin’s tactics involved unilaterally dissolving a representative assembly, making false promises and simply outlasting his opponents (Matthews). An example of Napoleons tactics being very similar is when Squealer says “Many of us actually despise milk and apples… It is for your sake that we drink the milk and eat the apples (Orwell 53). This line is said by one of Napoleon’s partners at the time, Squealer and is directly representing Lenin’s ability and tactics to lie and make false promises because it is not literally beneficial for the pigs to consume the milk and apples instead of the other animals. Lenin also obviously valued Joseph Stalin for his organized talents, his ability to knock heads together, and to cut through Beurocratic red tape (Joseph Stalin). The Idea of Joseph Stalin being valued by Lenin is displayed in the story by how...
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