Animal Farm

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Hi! This is my 275 word essay that really should be 250 words. The prompt is: describe your educational or career goals. I a worried that I am not taking it literally enough. Can you give me any advice on how to improve the essay as a whole or how to cut it down a bit?


Okay, I have to admit that this sounds a little bit cheesy, but my goal for my education is for it to broaden my worldview. I have grown up in an almost completely homogenous environment. At my school, we share so many of the same views, opinions, and experiences. I have been taught to be "tolerant", to accept everyone for who they are and respect their views, but that it is incredible easy to accept and respect someone and their views when they are almost identical to your own. I want to learn how explain my beliefs to someone who doesn't share them and, in defending my views and learning about other's, broaden and deepen my understanding of the world.

Because of this, for college, I would like to leave small town North Carolina. I see myself at in college somewhere in the North East, hopefully somewhere with a strong intellectual tradition and an emphasis on diversity. I aspire to one day take a class where, when I state my opinion about the Arab Spring, instead of being asked what the Arab Spring is, someone from Egypt forces me to defend it. I would like to major in something in the humanities or social sciences, possibly economics with a focus on the economics of developing nations, but I am also interested in public health. At the same time I plan to be premed, mostly because I would love to work with Doctors Without Borders after medschool. During my summers I hope to travel and volunteer internationally, hopefully in Africa. I want my education to educate me as a whole person, and hopefully it will never end.

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