Analytical Decision Making Assignment 1

Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Decision theory Pages: 5 (1846 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Assignment #1


|Personal Decision-Making Report – Module 1 | |Generic Decision-Making | | | |I have worked at a large steel company for several years starting out as an Electronics Technician and now a Process Engineer; I| |utilize my own methodology for decision-making on a daily basis, similar to the 6-step decision making process described. | |Typically my need for decision-making is prompted by process breakdowns or concerns from a mill. My process begins by speaking | |with the field supervisors, who maintains the equipment or has the concern which needs resolving, which falls into the multiple | |perspectives technique. The supervisor and brainstorm and discuss what the situation is and where we want to be as well as what | |needs to be completed prior to correcting the problem also what added benefits they would like to include in the | |proposal/correction. The maintenance crew sometime offers additional input which I evaluate, organize and prioritize. After | |brainstorming I begin gathering information about the task, to do this I refer to electrical schematics, peruse manuals, speak | |to suppliers or seek information through online forums or other documentation. During my investigation and information | |gathering I manage to answer many of the five W’s and one H. There are times when I had to troubleshoot machinery to answer the| |‘why did this happen’ and develop a solution. Once the assessment has been complete I look at ways I can repair/correct or | |alter the issue. At times I compare alternative ways to correct the problem, such as replace the damaged component, spec and | |design a whole new system, or call in a contractor to take care of the equipment. When generating ideas on how to proceed I am | |required to request quotes and take sustainability into account; to do this I compare and contrast options or use direct | |analogies. After analyzing possible solutions I go through various scenario’s; a scenario for example if I replace that relay at| |so much money it could fix the problem or that blown relay could have been a secondary problem as a result of the initial fault,| |I could replace it and see, do more troubleshooting, call in a supplier or contractor or replace the entire unit. I would | |evaluate each scenario and compare pros and cons as well as do a cost analysis. My job does not get into financial forecasting | |past obtaining quotes; my quotes get forwarded to the divisional manager. He determines whether it is a capital cost or an | |operating cost and values whether the problem is best solved, temporarily resolved or put off. Once the decision has been made | |whether to proceed or not, I would then prepare for the job and follow the necessary steps to implement the plan. The job scope| |has a work break down and we have job safe practices which we must follow. If the work involves multiple disciplines or tasks I| |will create a parent work order with child work orders, this is essentially a Gantt Chart in Oracle and can be viewed as such. | |The parent work order contains the job start date and duration with a brief description and the child work orders are scheduled | |at various times within the parent work order duration. | |Paradigms and Decision-Making | | | |I suffer from paradigm paralysis...
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