Analysis of Neal Gabler's Column: America the Stony-Hearted

Topics: Morality, Ronald Reagan, United States Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: October 12, 2015
Bryant Hernandez

English 1C

Professor Shahoian

4 September 2013

The Bold Play On Words

"America the Stony-Hearted," is the title of a column by famous journalist and political commentator, Neal Gabler. Gabler believes we have become "a different country morally from what we were." Ultimately though, his analysis of a "moral revolution" in the U.S. over the past 30 years, in my perspective, is inaccurate.

Gabler states: “When the political history of the last 30 years is written, scholars will no doubt describe a rightward revolution that jolted this country out of its embrace of New Deal, big-government progressivism and into a love affair with small-government conservatism.” In accordance to recent political issues, the phrase “love affair with small-government conservatism” is a complete contradiction. Would you consider Obama Care, General Motor’s bailout, and trillions of dollars of accumulated debt as “small-government conservatism”? Whatever possible shrinkage in spending there was under President Reagan’s time in office has been offset tremendously by the wasteful spending of Clinton, Bush, but most of all, Obama. When you put all that into perspective, that much spending simply eradicates small-government conservatism, making it a contradiction and something I cannot agree with.

As he proceeds throughout the article examining this “moral revolution” based from liberal and conservative standpoints, Gabler ends with a bold statement: If compassion is seen as softness, tolerance as a kind of promiscuity, community as a leech on individuals and fairness as another word for scheming, we are a harder nation than we used to be, and arguably a less moral one as well. In undergoing a revolution for the nation’s soul, we may have found ourselves losing it. When taken into context though, the question arises: is the statement really bold or is Gabler’s approach in how he directed the concluding statement bold? By lacking “compassion”, being...
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