An Inconvenient Truth

Topics: Antarctica, Global warming, Earth Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Climate change, to put it simply, is a change in the world’s climate. In Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, he talks about the dangers society faces from climate change. It is a slide show that Gore has presented over 1000 times worldwide. In this report, the keeling curve that Gore showed will be discussed and so will the glaciers, temperature, hurricanes, personal stories and the CO2. Figure [ 1 ]

Figure [ 1 ]
The Keeling Curve (Figure 1), as Gore presented in the film, is a graph that shows the build-up of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. It was designed by Gore’s very own professor in college, Dr. Roger Revelle, with the help of Charles Keeling. It could be seen that the significant impact humans were having on the atmosphere deeply affected Gore. The Keeling Curve is probably the most important and most famous finding in climate change science

Throughout the film, Gore shows an impressive series of images that document the extensive retreat of many glaciers over the past century. He also shows Kenya’s Mt. Kilimanjaro (Figure 2) whose 11,000 year old glaciers are almost gone. Not all of the world’s glaciers have retreated though in the past century but Gore’s presentation is effective and is a reasonable way to show everyone how global warming has affected most of the world’s glaciers. With Mt. Kilimanjaro though, it has to be noted that the pictures shown in the presentation are unknown as to when they could have been taken so it’s possible that the retreating of the glacier, or any glacier for that matter, may not be affected by global warming. However, Gore does a great job talking about and discussing the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. He shows animations of what a 20 ft rise in sea level would do to India, China, Manhattan and Florida if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet or all of Greenland were to melt.

Figure [ 2 ]
Figure [ 2 ]

There are a few times during the film when Gore shows his own personal stories. In my...
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